Student Researcher @CISTER Labs

FEB 2021 - Present

Real-Time & Embedded Computing Systems

Machine Learning Consultant @Telepath AI, Inc.

APR 2020 - Present

Machine learning, data science, AutoML, evolutionary algorithms

IoT Developer & ML Engineer Codementor badge

JUN 2017 - Present

Embedded systems and IoT design and architecture. Machine learning, Data science, and Edge AI.

Snr. Software Engineer @ScoolNetwork

NOV 2014 - Present

Web applications. Web Services. Machine learning.

Software Engineer @Cyberspace Ltd.

MAR 2017 - APR 2018

Big data analytics and machine learning. Social cognitive applications. Azure cloud computing infrastructures.

Programmer @Ariosh Ltd.

OCT 2015 - OCT 2016

Web services and resource management systems development. SAP ERP (groundwork) and Assai EDMS deployment.


PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering @University of Porto

FEB 2021 - Present

Nanodegree™ Machine Learning Engineer @Udacity Inc.

MAR 2018 - SEP 2018

Python for Data Science (Cert. #2,601,821) @DataCamp Inc.

MAR 2017 - APR 2017

Bachelor of Engineering First Class Honours
Electrical and Electronics Engineering @University of Ilorin

NOV 2010 - AUG 2015

Interests and Skills

  • Data Science, Machine Learning, AutoML
  • Internet of Things, Cyber-physical Systems, Edge AI

Programming and Toolkits

Python, C/C++, C#, SQL, Git

ML & Analytics

Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-learn, NILMTK, Apache Spark™, Pandas, Numpy

Embedded Systems

Arduino, Espressif, Platform.io, Raspberry Pi, Atmel AVR